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Training is a the heart of your fire safety policy. You can have the best of fire fighting equipment but without a basic knowledge of how and where to use the equipment it could be useless or it could even make the situation worse.

The Fire ( Scotland  ) Act 2005  which was brought in on 1st October 2006 requires staff to be trained on Fire Safety Procedures.

RS Fire Protection offers training courses which are done on your own company premises at a time which is convenient to your staff. All we require is a quiet room with a power socket between 60-95 minutes for the training (depending on what course is selected).

All videos, question and answers and fire demonstration equipment is provided along with a certificate of training for all participants.

Simply select what course you require:-

Course 1 Duration 60 minutes.

Fire Awareness

An introduction to fire safety covering:-

    * the theory of fire

    * which extinguisher to use

    * fire legislation

    * fire procedures

    * effective emergency evacuation

    * how to treat burns

    * outside practical participation and demonstration.


Course 2 Duration 55 minutes.


Fire Warden Training


The Role of The fire Warden covering:-


    * assessing fire risks.

    * spotting and reporting hazards

    * taking appropriate action in the event of fire

    * being trained to fight afire safely in its early stages

    * playing a leading part in fire drills

    * ensuring safe evacuation of staff in the event of fire.


Course 3 Duration 95 minutes.


Comprehensive fire safety training, combining both of the above courses.