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We only supply top quality fire extinguishing equipment wich comply to BS EN3 and are CE marked. These will give you the assurance that they will be fully operational if you ever need to use them.


Water extinguishers are excellent for Class "A" fires and are available in 9 litre only



CO2 extinguishers are designed for Class "B" risks and are harmless to electronic equipment and are available in 2kg and 5kg sizes



Ideal for A & B class fires especially useful for fat and fuel fires.

Available in 2,6 & 9 Litre sizes



Suitable for Class A,B, &C class fires the powder extinguisher is the best to use in mixed risk environments.

Available in 1,2,4,6, & 9kg sixes


Fire Blankets

Excellent for use in kitchen areas


Wet Chemical

Designed for use in Class "F" cooking oil fires